Lester Bangs a music critic and jaded fan of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music under estimates Roxy Music's and Bryan Ferry's longevity and dedication to his work. This man didn't understand them. They sang like most artists in various styles. Not everyone wants to talk all the time.  Sadly Lester Bangs never saw their comeback he died in April 1982 at 33 years old. The Avalon album was released in June 1982 and the band disbanded for a few decades working on separate projects Bryan Ferry continued his solo career,  MacKay and Manzanera and James Wraith started The Roxy lite band The Explorers and their own solo careers  and other bands only to comeback together as Roxy Music in the 00's releasing popular albums and their Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry who was still quite popular's library of Records/Cassettes were remastered and released for the cd generation and old fans from the old days of Roxy.

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