A Roxy Music Tribute Band. Who are based in Leeds England and all over the Internet so much so if I don't find Fin Keating their Bass Player  on a social network my first reaction is to think of telling him of the place. He's the Master of their MySpace page and like Bryan Ferry, Chris Turner of the Website of the same name as the website and Myself he is everywhere. They are everywhere but I will only give you official links for Roxyrama not their Private sites. The white suit was a recent investment by the band and it was a well recieved change of clothes like  the performance.

Playlist of Roxyrama Songs From Youtube bookmarked from their Channel on Avalonesque's Bookmarks so it may differ from the band's channel

MySpace Roxyrama (band) site picture link(for WAP). 


 Only upload a video if your name is Finian Keating, Neil Harris, Steve Richmond or Oliver Whawell the members of Roxyrama sans a few and then only on your Channel the upload link is just a link to YouTube. The other links are just links to YouTube too.

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