Why the Dutch Translation box? although I at times appear to be writing in double Dutch myself and at least one of them can understand English very well I thought I might make it easier for them not having to translate into Dutch from English and many of our visitors here are in other countries like myself in Australia.  I respect that they have their own languages and cultures and want to help them not frustrate them so I placed a collection of translator on each page so knowledge is not just a English thing it is multilingual.

The first I heard of this band was via a YouTube  video of them singing Bryan Ferry's Fool For Love and I thought they were really good then even if  at the time I thought that Roxy Tribute bands all had to have a Bryan Ferry look alike like Roxy Magic and Roxyrama the only ones I knew of at the time Steve and  Kevin Hackett both bare a resemblance to the lead singer of Roxy Music. The singer in Re-make was nothing like Ferry in appearance their Eno looked more like Eno than their singer was Ferry but it doesn't matter they are a great tribute band in their own right very good. They being Re-Make/ Re-Remodel.

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