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 In the days of Sam Sparro and the Presets, the Potbeeleez (I'm Australian) it is odd to think that electro isn't a new thing granted early Roxy Music wasn't a house beat based band. Their style was a less harsh on the ears don't get me wrong I am a fan of Sparro, the Presets and the Potbeelez just not so much the thumping house beat it is inclined to make a person go deaf too much of the loud bass beat of house music. I learned this from seeing them in a music festival and going temporarily deaf. Men sounded as if they spoke in high voices. I had to ask if they had a new robot in the old classic "Lost In Space" his voice was so strange. I'm slightly a jaded fan of house music. The Roxy electro is less harsh than it's modern contemporaries the drum beat is less prominent and the electro part is the computer like whines and beeps of a early synthesizer played in the early years by Brian Eno. Eno was with the band for only a few years in that time Roxy created their famous songs Ladytron (later taken as a name of a modern electo-house band), Re-Make/Re-Model (taken as a name by a Dutch Roxy Tribute Band) it was this era and sound the cleverly named tribute band Proxy Music. Proxy Music are a Glam Rock Roxy Tribute band to the hilt if you prefer the early stuff with Eno you may prefer them most of the other bands and tribute artist perform a mixture of the best songs of Roxy Music  and Bryan Ferry from their entire carreers Proxy are less interested in the later work it seems.

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