Welcome to Street Life a fun, thought provoking and hopefully informative website portal leading you to the best sites of information related to the music of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music and their many tribute artists and bands. My site lets the people have their lives and spaces. So if you want to know who is doing what unrelated to their music lives left by me in the hands of the scandal magazines and papers and are not this webpage.   What is here is links to YouTube, LastFm, Twitter, MySpace, Official Homepages, Social Networks for Roxy Music fans and Tribute artists, games to light the brain fade of study, pictures, famous peoples comments, slide shows, WAP pages of links for our visitors on phones, flash pages for our visitors on computers, a page for checking emails and social network pages, a virtual pet gallery, where to buy  the artists related Music and things. This site is an ever changing site which I add  and improve if there are problems or better software bare in mind I am not an expert in this site building I'm self taught and still learning. My software I use is freeware as are my websites but I mean to give you as good an experience here as any professionally made website with their ethics to do a good job but not with their money. I try my hardest to find good sources for my links and Roxy Music Tweets.  What I do is For Your Pleasure. 

These pictures have hidden rooms of pictures. The top picture room hides a video

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