A few songs from their self titles first album released in !972.

 A few songs From For Your Pleasure

Stranded Classic Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music

Ths is a live album of their classiscs at the time in it is one of the best versions of If There Is Something There sang by Ferry with Roxy.

What can one say about Avalon it is my favourite album so I found it had to try hard not to add all the songs from it on YouTube to this samples of song from the album.

They don't sell  The Best Of Bryan Ferry Australia, but I got a copy from someone know who visited England so I can say a little about it. Visit Bryan Ferry's webpage for info on The Best Of Bryan Ferry album. It's being sold on Amazon online so anyone who buys online can get it there. To buy it from Amazon visit my page Amazon- Best of Bryan Ferry. The other more harder option is to find it in a music shop in England if you are there or know someone there who could get it for you.


I have got a copy of the non-deluxe version (without the dvd of all the videos of) The Best of Bryan Ferry's Album from England mine is just a cd but it has two new songs  I Don't Want To Go On Without You and an alternate version of A Fool For Love

I'll give a written playlist

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

The 'In' Crowd

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

You Go To My Head

Let's Stick Together

The Price Of Love

This Is Tomorrow Calling

Tokyo Joe

Can't Let Go

Slave To Love

Don't Stop The Dance



Kiss And Tell

I Put A Spell On You

Don't Want To Know

The Way You Look Tonight

Goddess Of Love

The Times They Are A-Changin'

then the Bonus tracks

I Don't Want Go on Without You

A Fool For Love (alternate version) 

The Video in full from YouTube 

behind the scenes is on a playlist and a YouTube link to Bryan Ferry's YouTube Channel buy the music  off Amazon or where ever they are selling it in England  I'm not there and never have been and visit Ferry's webpage to see the mini website set up there. It has free tracks and talks about the best of album more.

These are a few new collaborations with Bryan Ferry on other peoples Albums

The video below is from Youtube

Search Amazon for Groove Armada's album Black Light here. Word of Caution if you want this song make sure you buy the full album. 

 They have an album visit their myspace page to here samples and find out where to buy it.

 DVDS on Amazon not all Roxy Music as you may see if you look through them.  This like the videos and slide shows run on flash and can be invisible to some phone I know to mine this site has a lot of things I can't see my wap links page and Another Time, Another Space and Just Like U the website have wap visible links.



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