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Note how Ferry appears to change as he sings his Jekyll & Hyde song like a Hard Rain's Agonna Fall

Montage From Ferry's Channel of the New Album Among The People He's Working With on is Nile Rodgers Who worked with Ferry on this Song I mean no harm by putting it here, it is only  a link here and jt is only here as all of the videos for illustration of a point.

This is the song Ferry did with Rodgers  

 Also in the new album is Oliver Thompson  who has worked a lot with Bryan Ferry and his drummer son Tara. Tara and  Oliver Thompson are in a band called Rubber Kiss Goodbye.

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Bryan Ferry Quotes Page At

Link to Ferryesque a site I have on standby if I run out of space on  this site Ferresque which is possible, I or someone miss spells this sites address like I did when I gave this site a address which was meant to be ferryesque not ferresque.

Search the news, Youtube, Twitter, LastFm, and more for Bryan Ferry type his name and a key word  "Bryan Ferry Twitter" takes you to his twitter page,  also try "Bryan Ferry LastFm",  "Bryan Ferry on Youtube" "amazon Bryan Ferry", "Ebay Bryan Ferry".

Realize I have no control over the content you see this is a Google search engine.


The Gucci Ad starring James Franco  with Franco saying the words to Slave To Love 

Bryan Ferry  Comedy

Miss Quote Ferry Finds Song Writing Lonely. 

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