I know most people add everything then open the site I keep thinking up new things to add so I get side tracked from this part or that part of the site this site and it's sites I spend my time time between WAP and the Web on wap I can't see half this site or use the site builder. So when when all is quiet here look for me on twitter, or Another Time Another Space, Just Like U (web site), a Adding and finding new forums and Social networks or trying to figure them out and adding new features to sites I am usually working on something even if it's just finding links to add.posting news or link from various sites in the forums of Roxyrama.com or my Roxyesque @ ning off and onsite forums some look like facebook, some, for tribute bands and artists and fans forums I am really serious about this site my grammar and spelling may not be too good at times but the links and content and reporting and finding of news and good sites are my main priority.

This site and her sisters were originally set up as side project  to a now dead WAP site.
It died so I am trying to recreate it and improve of it here. I have Loads and I do mean Loads of links to add as you may notice my video links have more people than there are here on my MySpace links most of them I found on MySpace.
and I'm going to work on other sort of not finished sites and pages too.